Town Board

Regular Meetings

  • Third Wednesday of the Month
  • Town Hall
    375 Lake Street
    Wilson, NY 14172

Work Sessions

  • First Wednesday of the Month
  • Town Hall
    375 Lake Street
    Wilson, NY 14172

Agendas & Minutes

Minutes are available following approval.
View Most Recent Minutes.
Master Plan

Supervisor Appointments

Budget Officer Doyle Phillips
Cable TV               Chair James Muscoreil, Robert Hull
Cemetery             Chair Brad Clark, Robert Hull
Ditching                Chair Dan Kerwin, Doyle Phillips
Parks, Lighting     Chair Brad Clark,Robert Hull 
Town Hall Sign     Chair Brad Clark, Thomas Beatty
Wilson Tourism   Chair James Muscoreil, Robert Hull,                                                 Alternate Thomas Beatty
Spoils Comm.       Chair Dan Kerwin, Brad Clark, Doyle Phillips
Liaison Bldg.         James Muscoreil
Liaison Rec.           Brad Clark
Water, Gas            Chair Doyle Phillips, Dan Kerwin
Code Review  Chair Thomas Beatty, Chris Jordan,
John Sinclair, Lori Brown


  • Doyle Phillips, Supervisor
  • Brad Clark, Deputy Supervisor
  • James V. Muscoreil, Councilman
  • Robert A. Hull, Councilman
  • Thomas C. Beatty, Councilman


The Wilson Town Board is the branch of Town government that is elected to represent the residents in the collective decision making of local government and the proper functioning of town services. The Board is comprised of the Supervisor and four Councilmen, each one having an equal vote. The Supervisor is elected to the Town Board every two years and serves as Chairman of the Board. The Councilmen are elected for four year terms which are staggered. The Town Board is responsible for the adoption of local laws, personnel matters, zoning issues, the annual Town budget and responding to residents concerns as they arise. They also provide liaison with the various Town Committees and departments.

What Happens During Our Meetings

The Town Board holds a workshop meeting on the first Wednesday of each month where discussions are held on various issues before the board. There is no public participation at these meetings.  The Town Board Meeting is held on the third Wednesday of each month. At this meeting, all bills are audited, reports from town officials are given, citizens can address the board on any issue on the agenda.Formal action on current issues can be taken at either meeting. 

Meetings are Open to the Public.

All Town Board meetings are open to the public. Any changes to dates or times are posted on the town bulletin board and published in the local newspaper. You can also receive a copy of the meeting minutes from the Town Clerks office or on this website.

Contact Us
Doyle H. Phillips, Supervisor          716-628-7848
Brad L. Clark, Dept. Supervisor     716-628-4541
James V. Muscoreil, Councilman   716-628-8052
Robert A. Hull, Councilman            716-417-1100                                   Thomas C. Beatty, Councilman      716-628-2159