Assessor's Office


The Town of Wilson Assessment Department is responsible for several functions, some of which are to:
  • Determine ownership of all property and maintain those records
  • File assessment roll
  • Locate property and collect inventory data for both the Town and Village of Wilson
  • Notify property owners where and when data is available
  • Prepare and submit annual reports to the Office of Real Property Services
  • Process exemptions
  • Value property

Property Assessments

Please be aware that the Assessment Department does not determine taxes. They are the sole prerogative of your elected bodies and are the result of annual budgets set by local municipalities and Town School Boards. A property assessment is the mechanism used to identify each owner's share of the budget or tax burden. It is the job of the assessor to provide property assessments for all types of uses that are a fair and equitable representation of property values across the town.

Key Dates off the Assessment Process

March 1st - Taxable Status Day
March 1st - Deadline for Filing Exemptions
May 1st - Tentative Roll Filed
4th Tuesday in May - Grievance Day
July 1st - Final Roll Filed

Pay Town or County Tax Bills

You can pay your tax bills online by visiting New York TaxGlance.

2019-2020 Tax Rates
Current Town of Wilson Tax Rates

School              $28.88
County             $10.22
Town                $  3.67
Spec.                $    .39  Firemen Retirement
Spec.                $    .35  Library  
​                        $43.51 Total

Current Village of Wilson Tax Rates

School           $28.88
County          $10.22
Town             $  3.06
Spec.             $    .39 Firemen Retirement
Spec.             $    .35 Library
Village           $ 8.99

​Total             $51.89

Sunset Island Current Tax Rates
Sunset Isl.     $       .43  Lighting District
                        $811.64 Sewer District

Newfane School

Newfane School District  $28.98