Building Department


The Building Inspector's job is to insure the health and safety of the public through the administration and enforcement of federal, state, and municipal regulations. These regulations are used to establish the minimum standards of Town development, assure the safety of use, protect property values, and assist in the overall design of the community.


Development plans are submitted and reviewed for consistency with regulations in accordance with established procedures. When plan reviews and approvals are final, permits are issued to allow construction or alterations to proceed. 


Please call or stop in the office to see if a Building Permit is required. If one is required, you will need to supply the following before obtaining your permit. Please see "Obtaining a Building Permit" below for a chart showing how the process works. 



        A.    Two sets of building plans with a "wet" stamp by an architect or professional engineer licensed by the State of New York, which indicates that the building meets or exceeds the requirements of the New York State Building and Energy Codes. An Energy Compliance Certificate is to be provided with plans. (After review, one set will be returned to you and MUST be kept at the project until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.)

       B.    Niagara County Health Dept. letter for septic design.

       C.    A plot plan showing the location of the building on the property with dimensions to property lines. No final grade at the front wall of the building shall be less than one foot above the center line of the street at the mid-point of the front of the building. A grading plan showing drainage away from the building for a minimum of fifteen feet at the front and six feet at the sides and rear of the structure must be included. 

        D.    Contractors and homeowners with more than one employee will need to provide their Insurance and proof of disability. If you have no employees, then you must go online and fill out the CE200 form and bring this in when applying for the permit.  

        Other Possible Requirements:  

                Site Plan for Approval by Town Engineer

                Soil Compression Test.



        A. A plot plan showing property lines and the location of any existing buildings and private underground facilities and the proposed location of the building or structure covered by the permit is required.

      B.       Construction drawings of the proposed structure, indicating the type and dimensions of material to be used in the construction, in sufficient detail that a determination can be made whether or not the Building Codes are being met must be submitted. 


 1. Foundation

 2. Framing

 3. Electrical

 4. Plumbing

 5. Insulation

 6. Drainage

 7.  Final Inspection for Occupancy